Some Newblet Information and general Sharing of a few Tips I gathered While playing EU:

About a year into this game, so I figured it might be of interest to write some stuff, that may be relevant to others, about the game, it’s mechanics, and (possibly) MAKING ped ( I don’t like calling it money, since it’s a game, even though there is a conversion rate).

That being said, it’s important to note, if you’re starting new, that “cashing out” isn’t that “easy”. Generally, if you’ve linked a bank account to transfer ped to usd/your currency, out, it will take the team something like 4 ti 6 months (Or more, according to some older forum posts i’ve read), to wire that.

Why that long? I don’t know, but, personally I have been not interested in cashing out.

Is depositing necessary? This depends on a lot of factors.

When starting, or even a long time since, learning the mechanics and methods of making a “flow” to not need to deposit (anything would be ideal), takes a lot of prying into information on the net, from others, or what I found more important, yourself, since, if a method is public, and involves values that are worth more than their original value to players, everyone would jump on something like that.

But since the point is to have fun, exploration and discovery is a common route.

> Pre profession (Any) Level 10,

Some activities to keep of interest, and I’ll get into “Hunting” first.

Hunting consists of combat, no matter the weapon, though, commonly, ranged is used in this game. Reason being, that most of the items in-game are ranged. You have laser rifle, laser pistol, blp rifle, blp pistol, plasma technology guns (More rare, not many exist), and separately, and less common, mindforce.

Advantages: More “Guns” Available to buy from others or to manufactur. They decay much less than melee, but cost ammo. Ranged Amps (laser and blp, separately), which you can lookup in the auction house, are also very abundant and made in bulk by crafters, since ranged is used most, and not many exist for melee or mindforce (There’s a few standard ones, along with token rewards, non-tradeable ones)
Range is a great advtange (And looks cooler watching your animation versus the other animations, in my opinion), since you’ll be able to hit things form a distance before taking damage, pulling from groups, and avoiding area of effect, in rare cases, in group hunts where that could be a situation.

Melee weapons are a matter of preference, and, the loot gained when using any weapon (granted you can find one of your liking and level, melee being a bit more difficult), is mostly dependent on the “Efficiency Stat”

[1/14/2020] Edited out the part out about the Efficiency stat being a calculation of decay related to damage, apparently it’s simply tagged on items by the devs, which may be calculated that way, or note] .

.. If you’re fighting a mutant, for example, which may regenerate fast,
since the advent of loot version 2.0, (Im not a hundred percent certain on this), but it seems that the amount of damage you do will be related to the loot outcome.

You can, for example, used a large damage gun (150 lets say), on a 10 hit point puny creature, and commonly get a lot more than if you hit the puny creature for 15 damage.

But, I also noticed that doing this will not be as effective in terms of loot return, as hitting that mob with a lesser, more close-to-in level weapon, hitting for 5 damage each may return more, and using that big weapon will probably have bigger gains using it on an equal or greater monsters of that gun (WIth lets say, 600-1200 hit points)

So, damage per second is good in a way that you’ll take out stuff faster, thus skilling up faster, finishing quests faster, and not getting killed or not need to heal as much during the fight.

Mindforce: This, I do not know a whole lot about other than that mostly these chips (They can like all other weapons, be Limited or Unlimited) come generally from loot (Globals commonly on not-that-hgih level creatures) which will dish out some nice stuff sometimes.

And are, if you’re going to be using a lot of them, commonly found and will be found on the auction house. Unlimited ones are nice if you’re targeting a specific level and don’t want to overkill it, but if you’re leveling up, and want to progress the skill further at a more normal rate, you’ll need to upgrade periodically.

On Skillups: It starts out nice, the speed of skilling up, however, after some time you’ll need to reason , if you’re focused on skilling up, how to go about it without going too crazy depositing (Or not, if you’ve figured out a method of ped flow that is working for you)..

Skilling up will be much slower at later levels (30 in prof lets say vs 5) but also, even slower, (Though not to a point of no-gains), if you’re using a low-end weapon at profession level 30 lets say, fighting level 5 things.

On Skinning, Scourging, Reclamation (skills that go up when you loot something) There are theories that you get More loot in terms of TT (Trade terminal-base value) than lower levels, but only by a small few percent, though this skill mainly converts a normal amount of the basic “Shrapenel” loot, into useful loot items such as anything on that creatures lootable, be it skins, hides, robot parts, etc. Each Creature has a changing loot table, generally switched around by the company, after patches or periods of time, (Why, I don’t know).
So, the most beneficial part of a higher level skinning level will be that you can gather some stuff with markup value (for the auctioneer to put up for sale, or through a trade channel), or even for your own manufacturing goals.

Mining: I cannot write about this because I have not understood how it works myself, and there’s too many “Theories” posted on it that conflict on the internet, so I won’t write anything about it.

Manufacturing: This is a practice that will take a lot of ped to start, and get to a point where you can start earning ped rather thatn simply making some basic stuff for yourself. The separate manufacturing schools and skills will level up slowly, and relative in speed on how much tt ped value the outcome is worth, which will need to be greater as the skill gets higher, like most of other thing sin this game.

This alone hints that high levels get kind of crazy in terms of depositing, and the ped-cash relationship which the game is based off of. With a low budget, (such as myself), playing it slow and safe is the best bet, as well as not losing your mind.

An interesting find and tip for leveling up ALL the schools of manufacturing, since a lot of the professions are mostly based off “global type of manufacturing skills” such as engineering, or blueprint comprehension, they will level up together as you level up one.

Repairing vehicles, such as your own, others, or “Walls” during public events at the forts (The robot attacks specifically) , will level up a few skills related to manufacturing, that can actually level up the professions at a much lower price, which would small amounts of Melding Wire, using a Vehicle Repair Unit(such as the Vehicle RK-5 (L) or Vehicle RK-20 (L)) which can be found commonly on t he auction house.

It’s slow, boring, but a cheap shortcut at start, or possibly for a long period of time, to level up manufacturing professions as well as a few others.

Overall, leveling anything up in EU is a very slow process, and this is not for everyone.

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This site used to be home for a multitude of retro video game roms which I chose to remove from the site due to privacy issues. Instead, I plan to make the domain a hub to host a variety of things in which I may or may not post in the future.
This idea was started today (1-3-2020), with the first topic which I thought would be of my own interest was simply re-creating the website from scratch with a few topics in mind: Cryptocurrency, Blog-type posts, and pretty much anything else which has peaked my interest lately that might be useful to share with others.

Cryptocurrency is now far beyond me with the reason being, that I’ve lost touch with anything related to it.

But since I do not. and never really did, take this seriously, and, actually ‘cashed’ out the small amount I ever held a few years ago, and today hold 0 of anything, I will, soon, (possibly) stick with a plan of keeping a whole of 3 to 4 currencies, small amounts of each, and store the wallets on a hard drive device, and store it off-line and think “This could be worth Millions one day or nothing”, and not care.
The choices for my self are: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ether and ??? The fourth is undecided, but I am leaning towards the choice of Monero.

My thoughts on each coin:
Bitcoin: The first one, I don’t think it can fail itself (Note later I have an explanation why it might)
Ether: Popularity and the way it works makes me think it’s a good idea. The token system, application of it, etc.
Dogecoin: Because it’s funny.
Monero: The coin is based off of Bytecoin, and is untraceable unlike Bitcoin and most other coins. Bytecoin, from my understanding, was heavily premined, and there is some ludicrous story behind the creation of it might be of interest to look into.

Why Bitcoin (or similar), may fall,

One day, I started to reason some things about Bitcoin. I reasoned that, the network and coin could, in the future, simply fail and implode into nothing.

The reason and cause of this would pertain to the way the Private and Public key relationships work; Even though the private key of any public key is finely encrypted through a complicated series of encryption patterns, I think, since every private key is related to exactly one public key, and vice versa, with programming and programmers getting smarter, and with programmed AI on the rise, a bright group of people could, possibly, solve patterns of the keys, as they have been trying (The topic of Rainbow tables are an example from my understanding of trying to find patterns in this type of area).

With this in mind, I think it’s possible someone could find a way to know the private key of a public, through the method, lets say, which I don’t know if it’s possible though I imagine it to be, to create a program through code to find a pattern to simply figure out a private key out of a public key, since each corresponds to another.

But it’s possible this could never happen, or it would be too difficult. I have read about the practice of ‘brute forcing’ a public key’s private key, but the point of the articles I read was that it would take computers beyond our time to calculate all the possibilities fast enough to ever figure out a key, in a human lifetime.

So, if this happened, the group of people, would obviously, after all the work, simply steal large amounts of bitcoin simply by doing something like taking a look at a “rich list”, for example, which is all public.

One of the keys could be a countries holding of Bitcoin, and with the private key imported into the user’s wallet with a simple copy and paste, they would have that all in their possession.

(I stopped writing this abruptly; and this is today with site installed , but I don’t have any more thoughts on it.)

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